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You can't afford to trust your brakes to an underqualified auto shop. You need to know that your car will stop when you hit the brakes. Gamble's Garage understands the importance of reliable brake services. You can count on our experienced crew to make sure every part of your braking system is in peak condition.

To take advantage of our brake services, stop by our auto shop today. You can speak with a mechanic right away.

3 signs you need new brakes

3 signs you need new brakes

You might not realize you need new brakes until you see a flashing indicator on your dashboard. But by that time, your brakes could be in serious trouble.

Before that dashboard light comes on, look for these signs to know if you need new brakes:

  1. You hear grinding or squeaking noises when you brake.
  2. Your steering wheel wobbles when you brake.
  3. Your car takes longer than usual to respond when you brake.
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